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Nordic Dynamic (ND) is a proposal to the Artists, Music Companies and Producers to drastically and immediately change the current state of affairs.

Nordic Dynamic will establish a set of rules and guidelines for music production which will encourage the best possible sound with no limitations imposed by Loudness Wars.

This will result in superior sounding recordings with much more detail, contrast and dynamics. For the first time in 30 years, the artists will be able to do exactly what is best for their music, without compromise.

However, such ND productions will sound much lower in average level compared to normal current productions.

This means that if you mix ND tracks with normal tracks, there will be a huge and unacceptable level difference. (Unless loudness normalization (See note 2.) is applied) Also ND recordings may not sound loud enough on tiny playback devices such as clock radios, smartphones with earbuds, etc.

Therefore, most artists supporting the ND initiative will be encouraged to make two distinctly different productions:

  1. Standard version: The necessary version pending a ceasefire in the Loudness Wars. This is the version delivered to radio stations, iTunes, etc. This may also be the preferred version, if you primarily listen via earbuds in a noisy environment.
  2. The ND version:  To be promoted as: The version you want to BUY, because it sounds significantly better that the sound available from iTunes, streaming and radio. The version you want to OWN, because it will give you many hours of enjoyment and discovery.