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Benefits for the Music Lover

The Nordic dynamic version will sound much better, you will hear the instruments individually, you will get closer to the artist, and there will be no fatiguing distortion artefacts.  If you have a good stereo or multichannel system you will be able to pinpoint the location of the instruments and you will hear all the details. You should be able to discover new things in the recording every time you listen, so now your purchase will be something to enjoy for many years.

Benefits for the Artists

Today, fans will not have a significantly better experience buying music versus just listening to the radio or streaming. The Nordic Dynamic version will sound very different and much better compared to the version everyone can hear for free, providing an incentive to actually buy the music. If music is streamed on, for instance, WIMP Hi-fi in full resolution, royalties will be higher. You will have a much broader pallet of sounds and textures available in your music. This will remove the straitjacket imposed by the Loudness Wars.

Benefits for the Art

Some genres such as jazz and classical music need wide dynamic range to come alive. The Loudness Wars have devastated genres which are particularly dependent on wide dynamics to live and breathe. Now with Nordic Dynamic, music can co-exist across genres, because pop music will have the same perceived loudness as jazz and classical.

Benefits for the Hardware Industry

To illustrate the current state of affairs for the manufacturers of audio systems, imagine for a moment that you were selling High Definition TV´s – but the only available picture source was VHS tape and 8 mm film. It would be hard to convince your clients to spend the extra money for a big high-resolution screen. That is exactly the situation for the manufacturers of good quality audio systems and sales have plummeted over the last decade.

With Nordic Dynamic recordings widely available, there will be much greater benefit in owning a good quality audio system and people will once again appreciate good music and good recordings. This will lead to a virtuous cycle with better production and better hardware.

Benefits for Recording and Mastering Facilities

The last ten years have seen a worldwide decline in the number of recording studios. The few remaining studios have very little work, because there is no point in making the extra effort, if the final delivery has to be extremely limited in quality. With Nordic Dynamic, it will be worthwhile to spend more on recording, because better sounding music will be SOLD versus just heard.

Benefits for the Music Industry

The last few years have seen a rapid decline in music sales, while music streaming has grown dramatically. The sales decline has been explained by the proliferation of free music from streaming services and illegal copying. Not much attention has been given to the fact that this is the only industry in a digital world that has not improved the quality of its offerings in more than 30 years. The technology now allows for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound with 10,000 times less noise, vastly reduced distortion and at much lower cost than was possible 30 years ago. If the industry moves on and makes a better product – then there is a good chance that customers will once again buy music.