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4 vinyl codeelektro wolf front

Code Elektro has partnered with Nordic Dynamic for better sound quality and dynamics.

Code Elektro will release the sequel to the critically acclaimed debut, “Superstrings”, on June 3, 2016. The title of the new album is “Wolf”.

”Wolf” will be available as a Nordic Dynamic version on vinyl and digital formats – with more dynamics and better sound quality, which are not possible on traditional streaming platforms. This allows “Wolf” to maintain natural texture and extra musical depth – although the sound universe is very electronic.

The music is characterized by the use of synthesizers and sound design. It sounds similar to the soundtracks of movies like Blade Runner and TRON: Legacy. However, it also takes a step forward to create something new.

”Wolf” is similar to a concept album in that it mixes themes such as technology, the future and the role of man in relation to nature. Each track on the record describes a feeling or an action, and all of the tracks describe an adventure. From the initiation ritual of the wolf den to the Scandinavian nature, storms, the darkness of night, the city lights – and the final transformation.

Jon Gotlev (Liserstille, NoHeroes) created the cover and illustration. He also created the large inner cover illustration on the vinyl.


Get the Nordic Dynamic version of extra-good quality in vinyl and digital formats.

Get the Code Elektro - "Wolf" (LP)

Code Elektro - "Wolf" (digital)

Video teaser WOLF: https://youtu.be/L6v3k2yvaEA