• Peter Rosendal - Pica Pau

To call a pianist piquant or nimble could easily be misunderstood. But these words touch on something essential in 33-year old Peter Rosendal’s pianistic talents.

It has to do with his light touch and a technique, which enables him to play whatever he wants. His compositions are solid, easy to listen to - although not easy - and it can be di cult to discern, whether what you are listening to is simple or complex. Moreover, this music reaches out not only to the ear, but also the heart. Words like “sparkling” and “playful” come to mind, when Peter Rosendal plays on PICA – PAU.

e compositions are inspired by an extended visit to Brazil and Rosendal’s love a‰ air with Brazilian music. However, his compositions and style are exactly personal enough that the music can’t be categorized as “Brazilian”. Despite the many shi‹ ing meters and tempi, this music still sounds remarkably organic and enticing. On PICA – PAU (which means woodpecker) Rosendal’s improvisational abilities dig deep into solo pieces as well as duo, trio and quartet formats, and his enormous joy in playing is contagious. ‡ e musicians include clarinetist Paulo Moura (a Brazilian icon), guitarist Jacob Fischer, tenor saxophonist Hans Ulrik, and the musicians from his regular trio, bassist Craig Earle and drummer Janus Templeton.

When Peter Rosendal received one of the Danish National Art Council’s coveted grants, this is how the committee motivated their choice “...a manyfacetted musician, which is beyond any doubt. Still, it is especially his thematic talent that impresses us again and again, making us hail him as one of the unique and original talents of our time.”

PICA – PAU is Rosendal’s second release on Stunt Records. His ™ rst, TIDE, was awarded “Danish Jazz release of the Year, 2008”. PICA – PAU focuses equally on Rosendal’s compositional and instrumental abilities, and both are displayed impressively. ‡ is release adds yet a chapter to a career, which no longer can be characterized as merely promising

Peter Rosendal - Pica Pau

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