• Jesper Bodilsen - Short Stories For Dreamers

Before even listening to a note of this wonderful recording, the poetic, dreamy mood in the cover and booklet photos promise music. In his cover notes, bassist Jesper Bodilsen explains how music creates images, and thus various art forms go hand in hand.

There is no doubt about the imagery in Jesper Bodilsen’s romantic, lyrical and fragile music. With SHORT STORIES FOR DREAMERS he has created a subdued, almost meditative “mood” album, and hardcore jazz aficionados and all-round music lovers alike will find this dreamy voyage a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Listen to the music as a series of sketches or poems, each an integrated part of a whole. There is no cleancut white, but notes transformed into delicate pastel colors – poetic beauty with precisely timed breathing spaces. Each note contains a quiet, underlying lyrical chemistry and a welcoming, trimmed elegance. It is not always easy to find the balance point between delicacy and weight, but it is here on SHORT STORIES FOR DREAMERS.

Jesper Bodilsen long toyed with the idea of gathering a group of musicians to convey his own musical ideas. And he chose these particular musicians for their special talents: Swedish guitarist Ulf Wakenius is not only known for his virtuosity, but also for his ability to give his acoustic guitar a glowing, intimate tone. Trumpeter Peter Asplund – also from Sweden – with his subdued, translucent Scandinavian sound, contributes to the breathlike delicacy of this music. Finnish vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo makes his somewhat unruly instrument sound lovely, warm – and a natural choice here

Slowly and surely Jesper Bodilsen has become a very popular musician. He is someone people talk about. He is well known from a myriad of contexts, including his trio work with the upcoming Italian jazz star, pianist Stefano Bollani, whose new ECM release, STONE IN THE WATER, has received worldwide acclaim. Bodilsen’s part in the success is obvious. The trio – completed by drummer Morten Lund – was Bodilsen’s invention. They recorded MI RITORNI IN MENTE and GLEDA for Stunt Records, before ECM took over the successful act.

Jesper Bodilsen’s SHORT STORIES FOR DREAMERS is a genuine Scandinavian release, and the lyrical qualities of the music are complemented by the booklet’s illustrations of mood enhancing landscapes by awardwinning Danish photographer Tove Kurtzweil.

It takes courage to create a whole album of small integral pieces in well known songs and new compositions. Jesper Bodilsen and his Scandinavian super group are overly convincing in their intimate chamber interplay. With its quiet melancholy and unassuming beauty, this music is sure to find a large audience.

Jesper Bodilsen - Short Stories For Dreamers

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