• Sinne Eeg - Face The Music

Whenever Denmark’s leading jazz vocalist, Sinne Eeg records, she always has a handful of new original songs with her. Sinne Eeg doesn’t write “compositions” – she writes catchy songs that could easily find their way into the more commercial branches of the music business. Listen to The Best I Ever Had, which is a truly wonderful song. Natives of Copenhagen not only have the privilege of sharing their city with one of Europe’s finest jazz singers, but also one of its brightest songwriting talents.

FACE THE MUSIC features songs with finely facetted themes, arranged and performed to perfection by Sinne Eeg and her favorite trio, pianist Jacob Christoffersen, bassist Morten Ramsbøll and drummer Morten Lund. The CD also contains a few carefully selected standards, including the first track - a swinging cha-cha-cha version of What a Little Moonlight Can Do, and a perfect match for Sinne Eeg’s voice.

Sinne Eeg’s great phrasing is well known. On FACE THE MUSIC she is more musician than ever. Her beautiful scat singing is an integrated solo instrument in the band’s sound.

A new path opens in a couple of songs, in which Sinne Eeg is accompanied solely by Thomas Fonnesbæk’s bass (Caravan and Taking It Slow). The result reveals new facets of Sinne Eeg’s improvisational vocal abilities.

Sinne Eeg says the following on where she stands at the moment:

“FACE THE MUSIC is a picture of who I am today as a musician. I have focused on spontaneity, improvisation and the pure joy of making music.

When performing in front of a live audience, you often ‘forget yourself” and throw away timidity and vanity. For me, that is where the magic in music emerges. This is the feeling that the band and I have attempted to bring with us to the recording studio when we made FACE THE MUSIC.”

Sinne Eeg tours extensively in Denmark, Scandinavia – all over the world – with great success. In March, a two-week American tour; in April, Swedish concerts; in May, she leaves for Japan and China. In between she will receive the prestigious Ben Webster Award – as the first female vocalist in the award’s 30-year history.

FACE THE MUSIC was recorded live in the studio during a three-day session in January in Mill Factory in Copenhagen. The production sounds just like being there yourself. The music was mixed in Gothenburg’s great Nilento Studio. This is music in the raw, as created in the moment by the musicians in the darkest January in years. But somehow a few rays of sunlight found their way through the gray sky while Sinne Eeg, Jacob Christoffersen, Morten Ramsbøll, Morten Lund and their friends visited the studio on the north side of Copenhagen.

Sinne Eeg - Face The Music

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