• Code Elektro - WOLF

The man behind Code Elektro is composer and sound designer Martin Ahm, who has worked professionally in music and sound design for almost 10 years. Collaborators include: Fanta, BMW and MTV. Martin also teaches music composition for film at the University and the Conservatory of Music.

In 2012 he founded Code Elektro. While Code Elektro is an artistic platform for Martin, it is also very much a gift from one sci-fi fan to other sci-fi fans. Code Elektro takes inspiration from – among others – Vangelis, John Carpenter and Daft Punk, and maintains as its main focus the creation of mental images in the listener’s mind - from drama to excitement to beautiful atmospheres.

The music is characterized by the use of synthesizers and sound design. It sounds similar to the soundtracks of movies like Blade Runner and TRON: Legacy. However, it also takes a step forward to create something new.

The previous record, “Superstrings”, was well received by critics and audiences worldwide and was nominated for a GAFFA AWARD for Best Danish Electronic Album 2015.

Wolf is available on vinyl and digital formats from June 3rd 2016.

Web: www.codeelektro.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/code_elektro
Twitter: www.twitter.com/CodeElektro


Code Elektro - WOLF

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