• Bobo Moreno - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

In Denmark and Scandinavia – in fact in most of the world – vocal jazz, pop, blues and soul are styles dominated by female vocalists.

But one of Denmark’s greatest singers is male. For many years Bobo Moreno’s talent has mainly been appreciated in the exclusive ranks of fickle music lovers, but it can no longer be kept secret: He is an exceptional vocalist in the same class as Jamie Cullum, Harry Connick, Kurt Elling or Michael Bublé.  Bobo’s wonderful voice and musicality should be known by one and all.

Born into a musical family in 1965 - his stepfather is bassist Bo Stief - Bobo has always been surrounded by music and musicians. So when Bobo and Bo play together in this trio, completed by the (without exaggeration we use the word legendary) pianist Ole Kock Hansen, the interplay and deep musical understanding is very special.  This CD features three Danish musicians of international class in a somewhat unusual constellation: vocal, piano and bass. Without exception each track calls out for yet another listen, which is no stroke of whimsical luck, but the result of years of playing many concerts locally and abroad. The recording was engineered by Lars Nilsson in his Nilento Studio in Gothenburg, a place of great renown among sound freaks.

The trio’s focus was on finding the songs that utilize each musician’s special musicality and personality to their fullest, allowing the music to flow naturally and freely. A fluid alloy of Bobo’s virtuosic vocal, Ole Kock’s tasteful harmonic and improvisational talents and the timbre of Bo Stief’s round, full bass. Naturally both instrumentalists contribute top-class solos.

The style is completely open. The repertoire consists of original arrangements and interpretations of songs by such diverse composers as Paul Simon, John Lennon, Curtis Mayfield, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix… and Bobo Moreno. Two tracks feature a string quartet in arrangements by Ole Kock Hansen.

Perhaps a record label should not emphasize one particular release. Let it suffice to say that we have been dreaming of this recording of Bobo and Co. since the first time we heard Bobo 20 years ago!


  1. Bless You
  2. I Do It For Your Love
  3. A Hard Day’s Night
  4. People Get Ready
  5. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  6. Both Sides Now / Manic Depression
  7. Every Time We Say Goodbye
  8. Felicia
  9. Adjö
  10. Mais Que Nada
  11. Together Forever
  12. Yesterday


Bobo Moreno (voc), Bo Stief (b), Ole Kock Hansen (p) + strings: Karin Claesson (viola), Nicola Beruvka (violin), Paula Gustafsson Apola (cello), Helena Kollback Heumann (violin)

Bobo Moreno - 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

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