• Sinne Eeg & Thomas Fonnesbæk - Eeg-Fonnesbæk

With the very first notes on this remarkable album, the questionarises why the duo combination of vocal and bass issuch a rare treat. Only a few albums exclusively present thismusical constellation that allows so much space for creativityand spontaneity. Some may be acquainted with SheilaJordan’s work with bassists Steve Swallow, Harvie Swartzand Cameron Brown – or Jordan’s duo with Norwegian bassistArild Andersen on the fine 1978 album SHEILA. Whenapproached with technical and musical virtuosity, it is aconstellation that works. Sinne Eeg and Thomas Fonnesbækcommand their own natural and distinguished place on theshort list of vocal/bass duos. The album marks a charmingmusical engagement between two virtuosic and originalartists, bringing the best out in each other in fresh and congenialinterpretations of classic evergreens.

One of Scandinavia’s most talented and popular vocalists,accompanied by an experienced and virtuosic bassist. Theygave us a small taste of their duo work on Sinne Eeg’s latestalbum FACE THE MUSIC, and on EEG FONNESBÆK,they unfold their artistry throughout a full CD. Eeg constantlypushes herself toward new horizons. She never restsin rehearsed working routines. The restrictions of the duoformat present a challenge that is rewarded with an exceptionalmusical freedom. It takes guts to perform a whole concertor record a whole CD only accompanied by a bass, butSinne Eeg is attracted to the rich resonance of the bass andits rhythmic and harmonic drive. She embraces the sound ofthe bass much like the bassist caresses the strings. Sinne Eegsings without the time-keeping of a drummer or the chordsof a pianist while still retaining all her artistry and interpretivepowers. Sinne and Thomas listen intensely and inspireeach other and take chances. And isn’t that what jazz is allabout – spontaneity, communication and interpretation?

Sinne Eeg is a cherished jazz vocalist with a list of fine recordingsto her name. In 2007 she released WAITING FORDAWN, and since then audiences and critics alike haveagreed in their enthusiastic reception of her recordings andperformances. She tours successfully internationally, and hasreceived numerous awards including the DR P2 Jazz Prize(2009), and three Danish Music Awards for WATING FORDAWN (2007), DON’T BE SO BLUE (2010) and FACETHE MUSIC (2014). In 2014 she was awarded the prestigiousBen Webster Prize and in 2015, 60 French critics paidtheir tribute with one of Europe’s most distinguished awards,Academie du Jazz, for FACE THE MUSIC. The world hastruly discovered this great Danish vocal talent. Danish bassistshave a special star on the international jazz firmament.One of the most remarkable among the many new namesis Thomas Fonnesbæk. He plays with virtuosic technique,melodic intuition, and an exquisite sound that is reminiscentof the deceased Danish jazz giant Niels-Henning ØrstedPedersen. Fonnesbæk appears on more than 100 albums,and he has worked closely with jazz pianist Thomas Clausen,whose group he joined in 2006. He has been a member ofSwedish pianist Lars Jansson’s Trio since 2009, and he is apopular accompanist for visiting international musicians. In2014 he released

Sinne Eeg (v), Thomas Fonnesbæk (b)

Willow Weep For Me / Taking It Slow / Evil Man Blues / You Don’t Know What Love Is / Summertime /Body And Soul / Beautiful Love / Come Rain Or Come Shine / Fellini’s Walts.

STUCD 15082 Sinne Eeg & Thomas Fonnesbæk, Eeg-Fonnesbæk, Stunt Records, Sundance Music ApS

Sinne Eeg & Thomas Fonnesbæk - Eeg-Fonnesbæk

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